authenticity of Ivory - use of the spectroscopic analysis to recognize age and authenticity of Ivory

How to recognize authentic Ivory from bone, age and quality of Ivory - information for determining the authenticity

Actually, it is possible to make use of a reliable scientific metodology to recognize the age, the quality and the authenticity of Ivory: the spectroscopic analysis.

The spectroscopic analysis, widely used within the research and chemical industry, is useful to recognize with precision the materials of antique objects of art, allowing the dating of wood and the dating of all types of ivory as well.

The spectroscopic analysis, in particular, analyses the presence of organic substances which are subject to changes with the passage of time (according to natural and biological laws).

On the site, you can find many information about the techniques and methodologies used to recognize the age, the quality and the authenticity of Ivory; moreover, there's a detailed description of the laboratories specialized in this kind of practice (like the museum "Museo d'Arte e Scienza" of Milan, unique museum dedicated to the ascertainment of authenticity of antique objects of art), other than useful books about the subject of the Ivory (The Art Collector's Illustrated Handbook).

autenticita avorio
ivory authenticity
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